How To: Gain More Instagram Likes

When it comes to Instagram, likes are basically the number one currency of choice. So it goes that the more likes you receive the more popular you and your uploads are. How do you gain more likes, though? Well, I’m glad you asked! Here are some pro tips and tricks that will have your likes going through the roof.

Tip #1: Forget the quantity, go with the quality


Instagram users “like” uploads of good quality. You know what they don’t like? The same boring played out pictures of your food or your hamster or whatever. Be different! Make sure all your uploads are of amazing quality and are eye catching. One amazing picture a week is going to gain a ton more likes then seven bad quality pictures of your dinner. Buy instagram followers of high quality from trusted sites.Quality, always, over quantity.

Tip #2: Time to Download

So I’m sure you’ve seen all of those awesome editing apps all over the app store; so go download some of them! There are tons and tons of apps out there now specifically made to edit your Instagram uploads. Use these apps! Blur some things out, change the color, add some saturation, do whatever you want to make your upload look 100%. Good interesting uploads get good amounts of likes.

Tip #3: Stay Active

Give likes to get likes, it is that simple. Other Instagram users are much more willing to give out likes if they are receiving some themselves. So, don’t be stingy, it takes mere seconds to double click a couple photos, and think of what you’ll get in return! Show some love and get some likes.

So, gaining likes doesn’t always have to be super difficult. Take to heart the tips and tricks above and you’ll be getting a ton of likes before you even know it.

iherb coupon – Why Does the Store Enjoy So Much Loyalty?

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